Feature-request: auto-stop when idle on ground after flight

It would be very nice if it was possible to enable auto-stop and have tracking stop when the device is on the ground and no longer moving after a flight.

This will prevent things like broadcasting while driving home from the airport, and forgetting to manually stop it.

Hello @thomfre

Thanks for your message and using SafeSky.
This feature is on the roadmap, but not so easy to implement due to the fact that many kind of airplanes uses the app. for example the velocity of a paraglided is not the same than an ULM High performance (VL3, DYNAMIC, …) or planes.
But I can assure you that the DEV team is working on it. Automatically Take Off and Landing will be a nice new feature for all users.

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Fly safe

Maybe it would be a good Idea to rename the red „stop“ button to „landed“. This could make it clearer that you should press it after landing. Sometimes you see some users driving on the highway :wink:

Normally, this feature will be implemented in the next version…if tests will be successful.

As a suggestion: you might add a field at “aircraft definition” and ask the user to select the speed at which SafeSky will switch to “landed” mode in that specific aircraft/callsign.

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