AERO network


Is there any desire to have the new Aero network trialling/operating in the UK?
If so, is it really for airfields to have equipment installed or can individuals get the equipment for home installation?
If so, I may be interested in getting the equipment, assuming an affordable cost, installed at home. I am located about 15 Km south of a very busy GA airfield (Popham - EGHP).


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If you want to feed data to Safesky, you can also feed to

Avionix have a reciever called openAir multitrack

Is it possible to use a Stratux receiver (essentially a Raspberry with 2 SDR) as base station in order to feed ADS-B, Mode S (MLAT), OGN etc. data?

Or What sotware can I install on a raspberry with two SDR (R820T2-based) in order to feed data for Aero Network? I would like to make some test here in Italy

It depends on how much of the build you want to do. The easiest way i have found is to use, which installs relatively simply using the rpi build and then gives a gui to setup multple feeders.

Recently Tristan said in this link that Safesky receives from and so settjng those as a minimum will help.

My current home setup has adsbexchange installed as a base, and then i have added other feeders from the command line.

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Thanks, it is really interesting.
What other feeders did you added, for 868 ADS-L, Flarm, Pilotaware, OGN etc…?
I’m not skilled in Linux, so I need the simpliest way to install and configure.
A disk image will be the best option :wink:

Sorry, i keep putting, it is actually adsb.mi that is the easiest to setp from a standing start (I’ve added the link).

For Flarm/pilotaware I use a seperate pi with the pilitaware ogn-r build on it (the updates PAW send out overwrite customisations). For this you need the radio board from PAW, they were giving the kit free a while back.

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I know what are yu talking about, I run PWMI02 station!
But I would like to know how to set up a fully self made 1090/868 receiver station. I know what kind of hardware is needed, but I need hints for what software is the easiest option for “not so skilled” programmers