A little change request regarding map-center Button

Sometimes I do more like to fly with the map-Mode instead of the radar mode.
I zoom in quite a lot to see the planes in my proximity.

But then the map is not moving, my planes continues and flys out of my map view.

When I press on the map-center button, it recenters my plane, but also it zoomes out a lot!

Thats quite annoying, I would recomment only to center and not to change the zoom-level.
And it would be great, when then the map is moving and the plane stays in the center.

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Thank you for your message,
We are currently working on a new version where the map and the radar will be revised.
The map has already been discussed with us and should be adapted.

Stay tuned for further information via our newsletter. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so directly via the SafeSky application or on our website.

Best regards