Distance Rings

We started using SafeSky a couple of flights ago and are pretty impressed by the added situational awareness.

Just yesterday we saw oncoming traffic far ahead on the map. This caused us to scan visually and we could acquire it. The other AC got a traffic information from ATC much later, but never reported us “in sight”. So we assume, he never saw us. So SafeSky gave us a clear advantage.

We also think that we have some tips for improvement:

  1. In flight mode, you can zoom in and out by “+” and “-”. The outer ring seems to start always at a default distance of 43 NM. It would be nice to be able to define a smaller default distance in the settings. This saves a few taps at takeoff and provides a well-defined start setup, which is always a good thing.

  2. During a traffic conflict, the view zooms in, to an outer ring of 3 NM. This is good, because it gives a better picture of the situation. However, after the conflict, it would be nice if the view would zoom out again to the zoom factor that was set before the conflict.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks @Gottfried
Thanks for your comments, we appreciate the return of experience of our users.
Please note that we are working on the next version 3.0 with a all new radar view including the convergence of traffic…
Keep posted.

Great! In our opinion, the view is already very good. Please keep the radar view as simple as possible. The goal: One short glance should suffice to know, where conflicting traffic is. Because our eyes should be outside the plane as much as possible.


It will be the case…:wink:

I would like to notify that, in split screen mode, the distance rings are not centered in the portion of the screen for SafeSky.

There seems to be a problem with the split screen geometry. I noticed this problem on my phone too, but not on my tablet. In landscape orientation, I can cause a correct redraw by moving the split screen border. No luck in portrait orientation, though.

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The circles seem to be ok when I enlarge a little bit the dedicated split screen.
I haven’t tried on a tablet, I believe the issue is related with how the circles are drawn. They seem to be static, or at least they seem to have only two dimensions: small and large. They don’t seem to be drawn dynamically.
Same thing for the buttons.

After checking with our dev team. This way to work is not usual and SafeskY was not designed to work efficiently in this screen configuration in a phone.

Best regards.

Roger 5/5.
As ultralight pilot I find flying in this phone configuration very useful.
Half of the screen shows the route, ETA, speed and so on, half of the screen shows the radar especially when flying close to other airfields.
I thought it could be a suggestion for the developers to improve the app.


We’ll take your request in consideration.
Ou dev team will check the opportunity and the possibility to design a solution.

Maybe creating a “dynamic calculation of circumference” according to the current screen resolution might be an idea.
Looking forward for dev team solution.

As a paramotor pilot I really don’t have the space for a table, so the split screen on a phone is really the only option. As other have said the radar is really small when using split screen. I think this should be addressed since a lot of people use this on their phones and if the radar is 2cm big not easy to read.

I found is that it works in portrait mode just fine, (fills half of the screen as it should) but then the logging / flight info app I use becomes a mess and really too small to use.

Best way I found this to work is putting SS in a “floating window” that is in newer Androids.
Still a bit fiddly as you need to arrange things and it covers some of the info in my flight app.

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That is my point. BTW this configuration covers some info “under” SS.
I believe that a “dynamic circle drawings” could be an option as a solution to the split screen configuration.