Sim card

Hi all

I’m a big fan of SafeSky but find I get coverage less than 50 percent of the time , even low level and in all glass fibre cockpit of jabiru.
Has anyone found a combination that works , I’ve got iPad mini with SIM card and use o2.
I understand you can get sim cards that receive from more than one provider such as three and jump. Also wonder if the iPad is over loaded running SkyDemon , receiving sky echo as back up and running SafeSky simultaneously as when cell network is lost it seems to not refind as quickly as expected . If anyone is managing to receive nearer 90 percent of the time I would be interested to know how you are achieving this . Thankyo in advance


I have tried one of the multi-network sim cards in the UK, the quick answer was - disappointing.

I suspect the speed of change of networks is controlled via the device, so there may be some improvement in different devices.

I was using an old mobile dongle to test and find the decision to switch network was sluggish, when turning off and back in it always tried the connection back to the network out was previously on and in a dead zone in that network would take minutes to change networks.

It’s just too flakey. Nice idea needs to be embedded in sky echo so none of fFfing about. Might work better then. For now I’ve given up :roll_eyes:


For your information, SafeSky and SkyEcho are able to work together and offer you aggregated traffic.

Yes and it’s a faff getting it to do that. Why I paid a years sub…… but haven’t managed to get it to work. I’d rather be flying than messing around trying to get the damned thing connected and working.