Usual time before API key available

We have been trying to get an API key, for an application which focuses on aviation safety, and only really misses airtrafic at this stage. It has been over a week without response.

I am sure the people at SafeSky are busy, but it seems the usual response time is a day, so we are starting to wonder if there is another avenue of contact than, which is more suitable, of if we should just sit back and relax for another week.

Small team, Aero 2024 in the making. You’re right.
Tristan is very busy with the next version, and is testing it, along with the rest of the team.
DEV is the right way to contact us about the API key. But sorry for the inconvenience.
We can’t give you an answer for the API at the moment, due to the workload, and we’re sorry about that.
I suggest you come back via after Aero2024 Friedrichshafen.
I’m not copied on the development mail, but you should know that we don’t give access to the API without a reasoned introduction and certainly a video call.
This forum is definitely not the right way to continue this discussion, but only for drivers and app users.

Thank you for your understanding.

We obviously didn’t expect to communicate by forum, and are also not expecting API keys to be thrown out at random, so having a meeting at a later time sounds perfectly reasonable.

Having an email auto reply set up for busy times like these, where the response time might be in excess of a month, would have been nice, though :slight_smile:

Thanks for quickly responding in here. That was helpful.