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After a recent trip across the meditterranean with a Garmin InReach Messenger, I thought I’d build a nicer web-ui to share with my friends and family to track my progress.
Now, I spent last weekend building this for the Garmin InReach, but not wanting to constantly pay for tracking points (especially when not over water), I thought I’d add support for SafeSky to it.
I dropped a message to the email address on the API docs, but didn’t get any reply yet, so thought I’d try to send a message here.

Hello Florian,

Please contact Tristan at this email address: tristan@safesky.app. In French or English.

Best regards,

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It’s been a few weeks now and I still haven’t heard back? Any guess how long it normally takes to get API credentials?

@Tristan Will give you an answer asap. Holliday time, sorry.

Hiya -
getting back to this thread as I’ve got some time to work on this project once more. I still haven’t heard back from the team on dev@ or tristan@ since last year. I just resent an email to dev@ in the hope to hearing back regarding this.