Using EasyVFR on iPad with PilotAware and iPhone with SIM-card

According to the instructions to use the navigation app on a tablet which does not have internet connectivity with a SIM card, the following instructions are given (BTW, it mentions ‘PowerFLARM’ where to connect to - I expect this is a copy/paste error and it should read ‘PilotAware Rosetta’:

  • Install SafeSky on your phone that has a SIM card
  • Connect your phone to the ‘PowerFLARM’ Wifi
  • Connect your tablet to the ‘PowerFLARM’ Wifi as before
  • Start SafeSky and click ‘Take Off’…

Now, I did that, but I only get the contacts that PilotAware sees, not the contacts from SafeSky. For me, the set-up does not make sense, unless the SafeSky app on the iPhone transmits its contacts to PilotAware - which then relays all contacts to the iPad EasyVFR application. As stated, I don’t see this happening.
When the iPhone is also connected to the PilotAware Wifi, it will get both PilotAware contacts AND the SafeSky contacts through the SIM card - but there is NO connection then between the iPhone and the iPad. If I set the iPad to share the connection with the iPhone (personal hotspot mode), I do see the contacts from SafeSky, but then, does this include the contacts from PilotAware as well? This way I could see it working, but it does mean I’m not able to use the PilotAware GPS.
Any insights on how this actually is supposed to work is appreciated!

Thanks for your message.
I transmit your request to @Tristan in order to help you in t his specific issue

Fly safe