How do I find my transponder ID? I don’t have its documents.

Do you mean your transponder code? Is your aircraft U.K. registered?

I’m referring to this… yes, it is UK registered.

Ok what’s your aircraft registration?



Ok you need to enter this code 40450A. This is your aircrafts “Hex” code which SafeSky call transponder ID. You can collect your own info by going on GINFO site and typing in your reg etc and it tells you lots of information.

Many thanks for your help on this. T

No problem. Any other issues then just ask

When I use GDL90 as the source on SkyDemon … it says ‘Waiting for device’…?

Can you tell me what you are using for SkyDemon and SafeSky. I.e. are they on same iPad or iPhone or seperate? Or are you on android device ?

I have both on iPad & iPhone.

Both ipad and iPhone need to be on same Wi-Fi. Then start SkyDemon on ipad. Open SafeSky on iPhone and in settings set up as photo

Then on SkyDemon just fly using GDL90. Then on iPhone select Take off. SkyDemon should now be using your phone as it’s location and you should see SafeSky traffic on it if any about!! There will be ss infront of target ident if working.
Let me know. Or if you like ring me….it’s quicker to explain! 07885 397755

For information, there is also another mean of filling your transponder ID when you don’t know it: simply toggle ON that you have a transponder, and leave the transponder code text field empty. When in flight, SafeSky will auto-detect that a ‘ghost’ plane is following you (since you will be seeing yourself from ADS-B as well). You will then get prompted with a question: « is this you? ». If so, your transponder code will be automatically filled and you won’t have a double echo of yourself.

Fly Safe,


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Thanks for that Tristan.

My a/c is not displaying its reg ID… why would that be? I have it all set up correctly.