Target Colour

On the map in SafeSky it’s my understanding that ADS-b and Flarm targets show as black. Those purely using SafeSky show in blue. My question is if I’m transmitting both ADS-b and SafeSky do I show in black or blue? Also is someone clicked on my target in the info box would it say I’m transmitting both? Thank you

Excellent question :slight_smile:

SafeSky will deduplicate traffic when coming from multiple sources, such as ADS-B and SafeSky so that you never have a double echo on the map. That’s why you need to fill in your icao24/hex transponder code in your aircraft definition.

Then, SafeSky will always prioterise traffics by their most recent position timestamp. This means that if for a period you have no internet access for instance, people will see you on the map turning from blue to black, since ADS-B or Flarm will probably have updates positions but not SafeSky. It will return to blue as soon as SafeSky transmits a new position successfully.

Main benefit for pilots is that you see a continuous transmission based on the best latest position message :slight_smile:

Note that SafeSky positions have almost no latencies, where other traffics can have a few seconds potentially. This is why SafeSky in blue is, in practice, always taking precedence over others on the map.

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Ok thanks for that Tristan, makes sense