Safesky display symbols

Hello, I’m new to safesky and so far cannot find any key to safesky symbology. Last night I saw an array of indications which include something like a globe with a red line across it and what appeared to be count downs in both amber and red! I was operating near to what was notam’ed as a drone site. Is there a key to all symbols? Thanks

I should have added, I was using the radar display on my phone, not connected to anything else such as skydemon.


The globe with a Red Cross symbolise that you don’t have a correct connection with the mobile internet. This message disappears when internet is coming back alive…
If you have seen the countdown it means that you activated the Search And Rescue feature.
Symbols are very simple and understandable. In theory you don’t need more explanations.
But don’t hesitate to visit our website…

Fly safe

I naturally checked out you web site before posting and since your response but still cannot find a key to SafeSky symbols. If they are on the site please can you provide a direct link.