Premium a/c difficulty, Easy VFR not advised of renewal

I just subscribed to my second year of Premium but you emailed me offering a free upgrade to Premium which wrongly implies I only have the free app! Having no way to contact you on a simple admin error I am forced to bore people with this post.
My built in SafeSky in Easy VFR Pro no longer works as it wrongly shows my subscription as expired even though it renewed on Google automatically 24 May 24.
Can you sort this please. I have advised Easy VFR

Hello @Ark,

Please accept our apologies for the automated email you received, which is likely related to the one-month trial for the release of SafeSky version 3. Please disregard it.

Regarding your subscription, I confirm that you are a Premium member on SafeSky until May 24, 2025. To verify, please go to the main menu and then to SafeSky Premium.

Feel free to confirm this with me.

Thanks for that. Yes your app correctly states the situation. There seems to have been a breakdown in communication with Easy VFR which only came to light when I noticed I was not getting traffic info from my EFB which can be missed. Only by delving into the menus was it clear the renewal had not been noted and the service suspended. It remains suspended. If you are able to confirm the renewal was notified to Easy VFR then I will return to them as so far I have not had a response.

Hi again @Ark,

If you still don’t see an active license from EasyVFR, please follow the steps described on this page, under SafeSky to EasyVFR:

It should solve your problem.

Have a good day ! :slight_smile:

Thanks, it now works. I had not appreciated it is necessary to re establish the link on the EFB device at each renewal.

Hi @Ark,

Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear it’s working now.

And indeed, re-establishing the link at each renewal is necessary for the moment. We hope to automate that in the future.