No split screen on SkyDemon

Just installed SafeSky on my new iPad mini 5 and completed all requirements on SafeSky and SkyDemon. However, SkyDemon doesn’t show a splitscreen, but only “Waiting for Device” on green button, although SafeSky has been “started” and seems to be working in the background. Early bird subscription had also been completed.

Hello, thanks for your message.

Do you have configured SafeSky in order to be able to share data through GDL90?
We don’t meet any issues with GDL90 Safesky and Skydemon on the same device. The split view is working well with iOS devices as an iPad mini for example. But the split view is a feature of iOS, not SafeSky of course.
Please take a look on this document explaining GDL90 working with navigation apps.

Please keep us posted.
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Thanks, Christophe, for the quick response.
Problem has been fixed. It was my fault.

  1. Split screen is not produced by SkyDemon, it must be done manually by the iPad mini user. SkyDemon only creates a small radar square down in the right corner.
  2. In SafeSky you have click the filter ikon in the down left corner > Filter > Anzeige (German) > Transponder Type and activate the mostly used transponders, particularly ADS-B, FLARM and SAFESKY. The originally activated type is SAFESKY only, but I didn’t find this in the manual.