N - S inverts when changing from Portrat to Landscape mode in Splitscreen - 1


The split view is a feature developed by Apple, We can’t change or modify this way to work…
Sorry for this. If necessary contact Apple to ask them to modify it…

Fly safe

Hello Christophe,

I am very disappointed with your answer.
Split screen in the apple environment works perfectly also with SkyDemon.
There must be a solution for it in your software.
Landscape is the preferred mode to display two applications in the screen which is so promoted by SkySafe.
So SkySafe can’t be used together with SkyDemon in my opinion.


Bram de Jonge

Dear @Puck,

Sorry, but I don’t really understand your request.
Splitview works perfectly with SafeSky in landscape mode. The position of the 2 views in portrait mode is managed by Apple and we have no control over it. So if it’s the SplitView in portrait mode that is bothering you, unfortunately I can’t help you. On Android it’s a bit different.

In radar mode, the position of North depends on your location and direction, but it is always your direction of motion that will position the compass rose. So it is not possible to have a N-S inversion when switching to portrait mode.
If this is the case, it would be a great help if you could record your screen and share the video so that we can understand your problem. Don’t hesitate to send a video at this address: support@safesky.app.

Thank you for your comments.

nb. Herę enclosed pictures where I moved my iPad around me… The compass rose is moving in line with my position. This way to work is normal…

just to partecipate… did you try to turn the ipad 180 degrees and look what happens.
well I know it can be a stupid suggestio ,but the misterys of the “bit an bytes” are infinity.

Hey Dedoc thanks for your reply. Turning the iPad the other way around did not solve the problem. In the meantime SafeSky contacted me and the problem reported is understood and further investigation is necessary.