Larger Display of Traffic

I believe the traffic display would be enhanced if there was some reduction in clutter. I am not interested in weather or the large stop flying toggle. Could these be removed and replaced by a button if I were to want them?

Hi @MarkMacGTSAS ,

Version 3.0 has been developed to enhance pilots’ safety by adding this ‘weather ahead and close by’ feature, which we see as an undeniable plus for our safety as pilots.
As for the size of the buttons, they have been specially sized to make them easier to use in flight, taking turbulence into account.
At present, it is not possible to make the UI dynamic at the request of each pilot.
Nevertheless, the size of an iPad and the combination with SkyDemon in splitview as you use it is, in our opinion, the best way to make these two applications cohabit.
As a reminder, SafeSky’s auto zoom feature still makes it easy to position conflicting traffic.

Have a good flight, and thanks again for your comments, even if we can only answer in the affirmative so far.