Inviting friends

How do I invite friends/fellow pilots to SafeSky? On my iPhone XS I use the icon at the top right (figure with ±sign), but I cannot invite or type in new friends.



Hello @msytsema ,

From the “My fellow pilots”, make sure to click the icon on the top right to search for friends to add.

Fly Safe,


Thanks, Pavel, for your answer. I used the icon on the right but I thought you could also invite fellow pilots who do not have signed in on SafeSky (so invite them to download the app and register). But that does not seem to be available and you can only add pilots who already downloaded and signed in into the app.

Moc krát dekujeme,


Correct, Mark.

It is a nice idea to invite people to download SafeSky and to invite them to become fellow pilots! We will think about it and put it on our whish-list!
In the meantime, you have to send a message to your friends, or to show them ho to do.
Safe flights!

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