Ask your questions about installing the SafeSky app :slight_smile:

Using an email address which is not a Goolge or an Aplle account to login into SafeSky, would be nice.
Or the possibility to change your email address in your profile settings…

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Hello @CaptainHighFlyer , indeed this is something we may enable in a future release.

Thanks for your feedback, and Fly Safe,


Hi, in flight, when there is an alert, how is it possible to dismiss the alert and return to normal or map view?

So far I know, it’s not possible. I think what’s the meaning of the developer is : “If you have an alert, you stay in radar mode to stay aware of the alert. It’s not the moment to play with the sreens but to look out”.
What I have already done in this case (and if I am passanger), I have killed the App and restart again but I don’t click on the Take Off buttom anymore, so I stay in map mode. But don’t forget, the time to refresh the sreen is much longer if we are not in Take Off mode.

Have good flights