On the map screen and also the radar screen the radio frequency of each airport is missing when yoj select the airport.
It used to show a little highlighted box in blue? How can i get this information again?


Hello Paul,

The frequency display feature was discontinued starting from version 3. While it could be a valuable addition, SafeSky’s primary mission is to enhance situational awareness with other aircraft. For navigation purposes, we recommend integrating SafeSky with your preferred EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). This combination offers the best of both worlds: comprehensive situational awareness and efficient navigation assistance, including easy access to frequencies.

I trust this clarifies our approach :slight_smile:

Fly Safe,


Thanks Tristan.


Hi Tristan,
I have full version on my tablet and use my phone to connect wi fi to my tablet using a hot spot. All working well but I also have Pilot aware hard wired into my aircraft…how do I connect Pilot aware to use at the same time as safesky please?


Hello Paul

You can follow this video tutorial for SkyEcho2. Configuring for PilotAware is the same.