Early Bird Subscription and (getting rid of the) Promotion Video?

I have downloaded the App on my iPad and iPhone and am an Early Bird subscriber. How do I get rid of the annoying commercial video when in the SafeSky Live format on my iMac?

-This video is only played on the live.safesky.app which only allows to view the traffic. There are no commercial videos on the version of SafeSky used in flight of course.
To remove the commercial video, you need to go to the settings and then turn off the kiosk mode at the end of the menu. On https://live.safesky.app

Fly safe


I switched off the kiosk mode off, was wondering what it was about.

Of course there are no commercial videos in the SafeSky app used on iPad and iPhone in flight, that would not be very safe :slight_smile: I supposed that downloading and subscribing to that app would automatically surpress that video when using the live.safesky.app on the web. I only realised later that I needed a second ID and Password for that live app. Perhaps a possibility for improvement to combine the two. That would also enable the automatic turning off of the commercial video once one has purchased the in flight app.



The web access https://live.safesky.app is accessible without login and password and has no link with your subscription to the app. Live provides a free access without subscription for all.