Cell tower reception in hight

What is the average hight I can receive a cell tower signal?
For sure it depends on where you are, but in fact there are limitation due to the characteristics of the tower antennas.
The providers point them out to cover areas of interest. Antenna signal strength relies on given power an frequency. The horizontal side coils are less effective in range. So can anyone tell me what’s is up to the vertical coil transmitting and range. (Hight) … you know … I am up to check out how high I will have internet reception for the app.
Greetings Mario (Cumulus)

Never lost it below 2000ft. U.K. with O2

According to our tests and feedback, the connection is possible up to 4.500 ft on average, in most countries.
Not for surfing the internet of course, but sufficient for SafeSky.

Hello @Cumulus

See referenced article here: Top Gear SafeSky September 2022 : FLYER : FLYER

There is a slide with measured reception quality for SafeSky.

Note that SafeSky is using a lighter protocol layer and has very low payload, which even under the most basic Edge connection will continue to work, where regular HTTP / TCP based apps won’t.

Best is for you to take it for a test flight and make an opinion for yourself in the air.

Keep up posted with your results please,


Hi Mario

The free app Network Cell Lite (and others) will give you some indication of LTE signal strength aloft. In my local area in France the signal was well into the ‘green’ at 2000 ft at around -80dB which is rather better than with the tablet in my hand in my garden! I have yet to try at higher levels.
I am hoping the various people testing LTE routers and proper antennae will report their results in different regions at various VFR altitudes but my impression so far is it may well not be necessary for most pilots to go to those lengths.