Beacon API returns empty array

Hello, I have been given 2 API keys from Tristan but neither of them works with the Beacon API. Stats and fis work fine. I tried to contact Tristan on email directly, then on dev@ but I received no response.

When calling /v1/beacons?viewport=49.01294,10.05996,51.39848,18.41940&altitude_max=1829 which is identical to the request on your live map I only receive empty array in the response. But on the live map I can see planes.

Is it possible to fix this?

I will send a special message to Tristan.
Hard times at the moment…
Thanks for your interest!


Thank you, Paul. I have got a reply from Tristan.

Just for everyone else who would have the same problem. There is no problem with the API itself, it works but it just shows planes from SafeSky only, not the other sources like ADSB and FLARM.

That’s right. We can only give data linked to SafeSky users. We have no rights to distribute data from other sources. It would be nice to do this together with other platforms, but that needs agreements between the players. Maybe in the future!

Not sure that this can match with the GDPR recommendation…
A pilot that agrees to be tracked by a system has not granted an other system to store and broadcast its data

Correct. This would need a renewal for consent for use of data.

What if you distributed only position, altitude, speed and heading via the API? Type of the plane would be also handy.
However without callsign and other identification there would be no problem with GDPR and other personal data related stuff.