ADSB exchange, be or not to be?

As I’m very busy testing Stratux integration with SkyDemon, I discovered a MLAT (Mode-S) generated plane on the ADSB exchange map who was not visible on SafeSky. See for OO-PEG on the map. However the hex-code was well received on Stratux as you ca see in the pictures as he was in range of the device. A few miles away there was another GA plane and a helicopter with only MLAT who was clearly visible on the SafeSkymap. So a lack of receivers is not the issue. So I wonder wich source do you currently use in order to see MLAT traffic. I’m a bit confused as I though you were using ADSB exchange data…or not???

Hello @janmoons
We don’t use ADSB Exchange data, for the simple reason that we couldn’t reach an agreement with them. Maybe in the future.
Now if you use a Stratux AND SafeSky in integration on SkyDemon for example, you can let other pilots benefit from the traffic captured by your Stratux, and that’s…TO BE.

Fly safe