4G/5G aircraft antenna with proper radiation pattern

Is there a way to improve 4G/5G coverage on the plane?
Coverage would probably be improved by making use of outdoor antennas with a radiation pattern suitable for communication with the antennas of telecommunications operators on the ground.

Hi @junav
We tested a router 4G, with external antenna one year ago.
Please find here this article.

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Thank you @xtof.
Interesting article.

The idea of using a 4G router with an improved external antenna has been in my head for some time now. The results shown in the article encourage me to go in this direction.

True, the router used in the article is very expensive but, as mentioned in the article, it is possible to find another one more convenient.
The article refers to the use of two external antennas, but does not indicate which one was used on the return flight where such promising results were obtained.

My idea would to permanent install in the plane a lightweight 4G/5G industrial router with a dedicated SIM from the provider with the best coverage (in Spain it would probably be Movistar) and with an external 4G/5G antenna connection.

I believe it’s important to choose and position the antenna in the airplane based on its radiation pattern. Unfortunately, very often it is not possible to the radiation pattern of the antenna.

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At the moment we’re busy testing quite a few products and possibilities. In a few months’ time, I think we’ll be able to offer some very interesting solutions for pilots to improve their visibility of in-flight traffic.

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