Safesky app download not available in my country

I am based in South Africa and would like to use your Safesky program.

Is there a way to overcome the download restriction.

I am Running Skydemon and Garmin Pilot on my Android smartphone.

Hello @GlennP ,

Thanks a lot for your requests. Unfortunately, SafeSky is currently only available in Europe, but we are looking at options to open to other countries, including South Africa.

If you are interested in supporting our beta testing program, could you please contact me on

Fly Safe,


Hello Tristan.
I’m an Australian pilot, currently but temporary living in EU: the SafeSky app is not available in the store and I don’t want to change the store settings.
Giving that the app is still available in other “alternative” app stores (at least on android), wouldn’t be better to allow the app on every country and then banning the tracking for the restricted areas? The major advantage in this is that it would allow foreign pilots travelling to EU to use the app.

I fly sailplanes and paragliders and flying in Europe during the winter season in the southern hemisphere is an extremely common practice.

If that is technically too complex at the moment, you could at least provide an official apk (Android Package) with the latest version, available from the your website.

Lastly, installing the app from alternative app stores not only is dangerous in terms of security for the user but it also doesn’t stop the service from working.

Hello @elgandoz,

Stay tuned, SafeSky should expand it’s coverage at some point.

In the mean time, please contact me on and I will support you to get it installed.

Fly Safe,