Unable to install from Spain's Apple Store

Anyone else having a hard time installing the app?

SafeSky has been launched only in Belgium and France. Only available on App stores in these 2 countries at the moment. Testing is done at this moment in Spain and we are planning to launch the app in the coming days. We decide Monday next when this will be done. Just a little bit of patience…
And there will be a surprise… SafeSky app will be available in Spanish…!

Great Paul, if you need beta testers, let me know. I have adsb, and PilotAware in my plane, so I can compare

SafeSky will be available in all EU countries on May 17 !
But if you want to test it before, send me a mail :slight_smile:


No problem. I can wait! Merci

Operational in Spain since 2 months. Enjoy !