Google playstore app not available in USA

I am microlight pilot and I sure would love to use this app in the USA. I saw a video that said you guys had a server in the USA but google store will not let me install it, says not available in USA.

Is there a link were I can download and side load this app?


So I guess no one has any idea or know the answer to my question. How about the Developer of this interesting app?

Could someone get in contact with him and forward my question :question:

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone of SafeSky will contact you. But I know that at the moment they have a lot of work to do, among others thinks, they are preparing the use of SafeSky for all the aircrafts that will participate in the “Mondial de l’Aviation” in Blois in France.

I know they read the forum, so…

Best regards

Sorry for the late answer. We are busy as a bee.
The access to SafeSky in USA is planned for 2022, not before. We would like expand our app securely. USA and Canada are a very interesting market and we would like to be sure to come with a product fully operational. This is already the case but we decide to continue to develop some important items. This is our priority for now.
Moreover we will need beta testers in US in a near future. Are you interested?

Best regards.

Yes, I am interested in being a beta tester. Let me know!

Thanks. Keep in touch.
I suggest you to send me more information as type of plane, location, etc.

And if you have contact with other pilots it will be helpful.


I am flying a Microlight Airborne XT 912 Trike, (weight-shift) it has a transponder and ADSB-IN. I fly at KRPJ -ROCHELLE IL, USA. There’s at least 6 other Trikes based here and maybe 10 based about 30 minutes away. Rochelle is a busy non-towered Airport with heavy use by Parachuters and turbine powered jump planes. It’s a popular place to fly to with a excellent pub and grill restaurant near the 5,000 foot paved runway and a unofficial parallel 4500 foot turf runway as well.

The main issue here is that the ADSB-IN receivers do not show traffic below 2500 feet. I had a close call with an air ambulance flying across the pattern front of me at pattern altitude while I was in downwind unannounced.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Dear James,

We have our weekly meeting today, and we will discuss the opportunity to launch our tests in US, thanks to your proposal.
Probably, the best way to move forward will be to plan a short video meeting in order to exchange / discuss about the purposes of those tests.
I come back to you asap.
Best regards,

Mr. Erkens,

There’s a fly in the in the ointment, I am hearing impaired. I will not do well in a video call. I am not deaf but wear hearing aids.

This is one of several reasons I want to track traffic closely because currently I broadcast “transmission only” when I am in the pattern of an airport and report my position at the various points like downwind, base and final. But I firmly believe that many other pilots will benefit greatly in using your application. Many folks in my category of aircraft fly at 2,500 ft and lower.

I am a fairly technical person, I recently retired from a 40 year career in copier servicing and computer networking. So hopefully you won’t get turned off in us working together in getting your product introduced into the USA.

Having said that, if you were to forward a video of your meeting and there are questions that come up during it. My wife can help me to understand some of the things I miss or not understand due to accents and so forth.


Jim Stout

Dear Jim,

We don’t forget your suggestion to test SafeSky in US.
We took the decision to move forward on USA testing process, but for now we are preparing the UltraLight event in Blois (France). After the 5th of September, we will take time to come back to you.

Another scenario similar to this is a phone registered in the US but the pilot flying in Europe (my case). I can’t download the app from the app store because the US is blocked as a country.

Any suggestion of what to do?

Not sure if you’re still looking for beta testers, but I’m a US-based paramotor pilot w/ an Android phone. I would be excited to introduce this app to our local group of paramotor pilots.

It will be! Thanks for your proposal!
Not in the next two months, but next year, definitively!