Crossing boundary

I am wondering what happens in the app when cross the boundary.
Crossing the boundary (e.g.from Italy to France) the Italian telephone operator does not work any longer and so the internet connection.
Are there any setup on the android smartphone to apply ?

I can relate with Dedoc problem, and it is kind of worrisome.
I generally fly through North of Spain across the Pyrenees and when flying across the mountains SafeSky goes crazy and NEVER gets proper coverage, therefore USELESS. I guess it is dealing between operators of France and Spain.
But things went awry when I recently flew from Spain to Norway, crossing the entire European continent and it was HELL, particularly in the France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Germany areawho to connect with, switching on and off with different providers… The tablet couldn’t make up its mind on and since SafeSky was linked to SkyDemon with GDL90 for positioning, once SafeSky fails SkyDemon goes wacky losing positioning, etc. A real chaos when flying the airplane single handed while changing FIS, etc.
My ipad went crazy and even locked up trying to manage between countries and operators. So I decided to give it a miss and had to end up flying without SafeSky. I think this is a very common issue that SafeSky Developers need to fix ASAP.

I use SafeSky for paragliding and few times I crossed border in the Alps between Italy and France (around the MonViso area) with no particular issues, although the connection sometimes was spotty.
Depending on the location, altitude, provider and the phone itself, you may probably have some area without coverage, especially when switching countries and therefore operators.

All you need to do is to make sure to allow data roaming on your phone.
On Android is under Settings > Network & Internet > SIMs > [Your provider name] > Roaming [ticked]

Also few years ago EU normative imposed no extra charges for using mobile data:

The reliance of mobile internet connection is a well known limitation for these type of iConspicuity devices, I doubt it’s an issue of SafeSky per se.
This specific issue is well explained in this EASA video: Mobile Telephony - iConspicuity for GA & Rotorcraft in U-space and beyond - YouTube


Hi Kaiserman,

Glad we could sponsor you and your colleagues with a free coupon to use the SafeSky Premium version for this trip.
So sad you experienced these problems, although I have been able to follow you all the way of your great trip!

Roaming depends i.a. on the deals that your provider has with others in other countries. Most providers have special arrangements, connecting only to one other provider per country (exclusively or by preference).
The common settings of your phone will then only connect to that one, unless you handle your phone to search for any other possible provider.
Apparently, your provider or phone settings made it a mess…

Can you look at this on your phone and with your provider? That is important indeed to alert pilots of this issue.

That issue is also being discussed at the moment by the providers at international level, as drones are obliged to use cell phone connection to operate in Europe. So both providers and drone operators have the same interest to solve this!

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