Confirmation email not being received

I have tried to install the app on my Iphone, but never received an email for confirmation. I have successfully opened an account on my PC, on which I did receive an email - but when trying to log in on my Iphone, it refuses to accept the password. Arrggh!


Same here : subscription on the forum went smoothly, but I never received the confirmation email for the app itself.

So far I’m stuck (and don’t wish to use another email adress…).
My email comes from “free (dot) fr” domain.


Seems they have now corrected the issue - I tried again, and this time I received the email.

Good Luck!

Good you got access !

Perhaps I need to wait this first subscription to be canceled due to the lack of confirmation… Currently, if I try to recreate an account for the app it says an account already with my email, which makes sens. And if I try to log in, it says I must confirm my email address.

Of course, I checked my spam, etc.

My version : SafeSky 1.0.5 (24) on Android 11 (Samsung A51)


Try getting them to send you a replacement password from the app - if you receive that email, you might then be able to access the account you have already set up.

I must say this confusion just to open an account doesn’t instil much confidence!

Thanks it worked !!!

This is not intuitive since I always remembered my password…