Mode S shown as ADSBx

For planes with only Mode s (No adsb Out) the source is shown in safesky app also as ADSBx. The shown position of Mode s planes is very inaccurate. The reason is probably that you need 4 sources for MLAT. To have this in mind I would suggest to show also the source in safesky as Mode s. This way, one can better assess what to make of this position information. Perhaps the accuracy and the source in the radar can also be represented graphically in a different way?

Hello @DeltaTango

Thanks a lot for your message.

True, MLAT requires at least 4 stations to triangulate.

Given the potential inaccuracy, we are in SafeSky displaying a circle of uncertainty with a probability radius (see screenshot)

As you spotted, source is describing the station, but another field in showing the protocol, in this case Mode-S as you suggested.

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Hello Tristan,
thank you for the answer. But the Source ADSB-X is maybe ? And there are different sources. The most case is the source MLAT for MODE-S Transponder. I would suggest to make more clearer the real source.


In this case the last pos information is the important. Maybe also the amount of receivers.
Is the information “letzte Aktualisierung” the same or it is “last seen” which is not important.


Thank you for further clarification.